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Welcome To Louisiana Wild's About us page.

We are providing some of the best quality crawfish, seafood and cajun cooking supplies in Texas.  We started out by securing crawfish  from the finest farms in Louisiana about 5 years ago. Since then because of our attention to quality and taking the time to learn about our customers, we have grown to the largest wholesale distributor of crawfish in central Texas. Because of our relationships, we have access to over 25,000 acres of farms and wild caught crawfish. Let us take the worry out of your entire order.

We supply everything you'll need for your down home crawfish boil to festivals supporting thousands of people.  

We offer our 4 grades of crawfish (Jumbo Purged, Select Purged, Field Run and Peelers), seafood and Cajun meats wholesale to anyone that wants the best quality, freshest catch and the price only straight from farm can provide.

Including Fresh Live Crawfish, Shrimp, Blue Crab,Crawfish Tailmeat, Cajun Meats including Boudin balls and Sausage, our own Louisiana Wild Cajun Seasoning and of course Crawdaddy Catering.

Don't forget-All the Boiling supplies you'll need- Including Pots, baskets, burners, ladles and high performance burners for boiling hundreds or thousands of pounds of crawfish at a time!

ยท        We are also providing Refrigerated Trailer Rentals.

Please take a little time and get to know us!

Contact us at - 512-677-9453  or webmaster@louisianawild.com