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Louisiana Wild's Seafood

The highest quality Crawfish, Shrimp, Blue Crab and Alligator you can find.We strive to meet and exceed all the expectations our wholesale clients have come to expect. Whether you order for your next festival or for your down home Cajun kitchen, our quality gives you the greatest Po' boy's. etouffee and/or Cajun Crawfish boils anywhere in the country - The words from your lips say it all -

"Who's ya Crawdaddy??!"

Louisiana Wild - That's Who!!!

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Coming Soon!

We are setting up our orders for Gulf Shrinp - please check back soon for availability - thank you!
LA Crawfish Tailmeat

Please check back soon - The Crawfish Tailmeat is on the way!
Fresh  Alligator
Coming Soon!

Please check back soon- the gator meat is on it's way!
Blue Crab

Blue Crabs are now available!! -To place your order specify the amount of lbs you would like to order. Minimum of 50lbs per order-!
Large Purged Crawfish
Live LA Crawfish

Live Crawfish!